Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I wish I could say or do, but don't

1. I would like to ask the person sitting next to me in the movie if I can have some of their popcorn. I mean they aren't going to eat it all, and why should I buy a bucket, all I want is one handful.

2.I would like to tell the woman at the fund raising event. get your money back, you look like your face is being pulled so tight you have a permanent smile.

3.The woman in the grocery line, it says 10 items or less. and cash only. who writes checks any more?

4.I would like to tell the person driving in front of me , turn your damn blinker off already!

5.I would like to tell the homeschooler mom who thinks her kid is a genius, he's not.

6.I would like to tell the wife who thinks her husband is an ass. He is.

7.I wish I could go out to eat alone. There must be something daring about this, I don't get it, you do kinda look like a loser.

8.I would like to ask one person, why do you ignore me when I walk past you and say hi, I didn't date your husband in HS already, get over it.

9.I would like to ask what is happening in Vegas that it has to stay there?

10.I would like to say to someone your breath stinks, take a mint, go to the dentist, but never,ever decline an offering mint.

11.To the woman in the bathroom at the bookstore, stop moaning in there, and get it done, whatever it is your doing, I don't want to know about it. But, by gosh give us a courtesy flush once in awhile.

12.I would like to tell my neighbor that I know its your dog pooping in my yard, if you don't pick it up next time I will leave it in a bag at your front door!

13.I would like to ask my dad, Why didn't you take the damn antibiotics,I am really pissed off about that.still.

What would you like to do or say and don't. Let me know!


Victoria's Secrets said...

I would like to say to the person sitting on the plane beside me that I know you farted because it wasn't me.

I would like to roll down my window at a stop light and tell the man picking his nose in the car beside me that he's disgusting and find a bathroom already!

I would like to be able to tell the woman at the checkout who's over 30 to STOP wearing that blue eyeshadow!

I, too, would like to stop being pissed at my father for forgetting to take his $5 antibiotics and dying because of it.

I would like to tell my ex-husband that divorcing him was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. I'd like to tell him that he's continued to prove to me over and over again since our divorce that I did the right thing and was right about him all along.

I would also like to tell my ex that he's the biggest asshole I've ever met. Well, wait a minute, I already did that! Never mind.

Anonymous said...

I would like to tell my mommie to stop asking me if I like her outfit, or her hair. I ususally don't and I don't like to lie.

I would like to tell my brother, you have your own room,why don't you sleep in it?

I would like to tell my mommie my room is clean, what do you mean clean your room?

I would like to tell my brother his farts stink really bad.

I would like to tell the people who ask, quit asking me if I like homeschooling. I lov it.

I would like to be a dog groomer so what?

I want the really tall girl on the BB team to quit stealing the ball from me, I am on your team

From Regan

D's Mom said...

I would like to say to a certain female NO I DON"T WANT YOUR MAN!

I would like to say to my baby's daddy well... there is not enough time in the day to say all that so I guess to sum it up... SUCKS to be you man!!

I would like to say to my mother that I can scream CAAARRRR all I want my son knows not to cross the damn street!

I would like to say to whoever is the owner of the flussy neighborhood cat that she just had her ghetto kittens in my backyard and they need to go!!!