Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I was listening to Bob on the phone tonight talking to a buddy. Mind you this "best friend",and Bob have not talked in months and yet they were talking like they had never stopped. I was slightly amused and curious, so when he got off the phone I said "Bob, how long has it been since you talke to B------?"He shrugs his shoulders and says "I dunno, a few months. Why?" ME-Well aren't you mad at him? Bob-Uh no, why? Me-(DUH) Well I would be pissed if my girlfriends didn't call me, or email me every day, much less a few months, they would surely be off my "best friends" list. Him- Guys don't work that way.We talk and then don't until we need to talk again.

Another difference between them and us.Another reason I am glad I am a girl. I would hate to not talk to my girl friends every day. I love knowing that when I see my friends numbers our conversations will be long, and juicy. Girlfriends just need to Know, know what you ask? EVERYTHING! I never really knew how much I love the girlfriend thing, so I thought about this. Every woman needs at least four best friends because each one is different and yet imparitive to our lives. Girlfriend #1-she is the one you go to when you are feeling low and need a pick me up. You made a bad choice and she is always the one to take your side no matter what. If you think it is a good idea to jump off a bridge at 30 stories ,she is right behind you. she is the one that one day you say I want to see Paris , she says that is the greatest thing you should,but if the next day you cant go, she will then say ,its horrible you don't ever want to go-Girlfriend # 2-This is your friend that you go to who always listens to your crap. the one that has heard it 100 times and yet patiently will listen to it again. you sometimes have time to listen to hers but she is the listener for you and mostly it just about you and that is what she is there for,so you talk and talk and she never really gives you advise ,but somehow at the end of the conversation she has sloved all of your life's problems, usually with a hmm,is that right,I see how you would feel that way, this is a treasured friend who hopefully has another girlfriend #2 ,but well it ain't you.Girlfriend #3-this is the friend that you let loose with. the friend that you can call and make a plan and she will say, sounds great-what time? I'm there. the one that you can count on to drop everything,be spontaneous and just show up and have a great time. No worries friend. Girlfriend # 4-this is the friend that is ALWAYS straight with you. she tells you what you want to hear,even when you didn't ask,but somehow she knows she has to tell you anyway. she is the one that knows you better than you know yourself. she is the one that will tell you something and makes you think, Oh I never thought of it that way. she is honest with you, and gently tells you the TRUTH even when it would be easier to tell you a lie. she sticks by you NO MATTER WHAT. but not in the girlfriend # 1 way in the I know you and I like you anyway kinda way. I know all of my girlfriends are thinking I wonder which one I am? but before you decide let me tell you about Girlfriend #5-she is the all inclusive,the listener,the talker,the one that gives advise,the fun-time friend-she is the one that I am lucky enough to have in ALL of you. I have never in my life been so blessed with so many girlfriends(some old,some new) that have all of these qualities and so many more. I am honored to have gotten to know each of you and have you in my life(You know who you are) I am so thankful we don't just talk once in awhile, but that everyday in some way(email,phone, text) we spend time together, going through life together,sharing one another's burdens and joys together. Life is great, but I will say it again its even greater with your Girlfriends!!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

I'm the most blessed of them all. I'm not only your girlfriend, I'm your sister. I love you! And, you, are all of those things and more to me.