Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kara Visits

My niece, Kara, is a senior at Purdue. She will be graduating in August! Kara called the other day and told me that her and a few friends were going to a Beach near my house for spring break this week. Yeah:) I was hoping to see her while she was near me, but I understand and remember all too well spring break, the last person you have time to visit with is an Aunt, no matter how close she lives to your spring break destination. To my surprise Kara called me Sunday night to say they were going to a a baseball game and they wanted to stop by to see me for awhile. Ha, ha,Yes, I am the "Cool" aunt, you know the one your niece wants to see while she is on spring break with her friends, yup I am that cool! Knowing they are all college students with limited funds, I offered to make them dinner (lasagna), I knew this would score me big points and also allow me to visit with her for awhile. After the game they (five of them) came by to hang out with me,Regan and Nolan. We had a great time! They stayed until 9:30pm, ate dinner, played the Wii and they were not even in a hurry to get back to the beach to party!
Yes, I am that cool, or it could have been the "free" meal, Nah I'm cool!


Victoria's Secrets said...

Yea, I can vouch. You're cool.

St. of Words said...

ya you are pretty much a kick ass aunt. sorry for you old fashioned people but she is. that is the best way to describe her.

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

you seriously are the cool aunt... i'm not lying. that's how they know you. hahaha