Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Art Festival 2008

Nolan had his annual art festival at his school! He is a great artist, I will sell this picture to the highest bidder, no really I think I may be on to something with this! finally a way to profit on my children's talent! Read the "about the artist",it is very funny and it is Nolan's word verbatim!:) Also, he signed his own name.
P.S. I have never made shark in my life! or any fish.
Does fish sticks count?


St. of Words said...

are we gonna bid on this like ebay?? i would "BUY NOW" for $200,000. is that enough??

The Pilot's Wife said...

its yours! show me the money!!!

Victoria's Secrets said...

He's a cutie!

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

fish and shark! hahahaha