Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

Why is it that every Sunday morning , we get up in plenty of time to be ready for church and then it never fails, we are always running late? We start Sunday morning off with good attitudes and smiles, then when it is 15 min. to leave time, we can't find shoes, purse, need hair done and ironing! The craziness begins, Bob does the countdown, Regan starts to cry, Nolan is still watching Spongebob (okay the kid watches too much Spongebob,blame his dad) there is screaming, crying, blaming and then we are rushing to get out the door! We get into the car, oh forgot something, run back into house at least 3 times, and finally the car pulls out of the driveway. Once we arrive at church, everyone is happy again. It is a wonder I will never understand, but we will do it again next week. Maybe I should try getting everyone up late next week, then maybe we will get to church on time!


St. of Words said...

dude, if you are getting up early and STILL don't make it on might as well sleep in and get some more shut eye ;)that's my answer to the problem

Victoria's Secrets said...

Well, at least YOU go to church!