Monday, March 10, 2008

Go Yankee's!!

I went to see the best ever Yankee's baseball game the other day! It was so exciting. The players all had on their new uniforms and they looked so handsome. The stands were filled with a crowd that was excited with anticipation. There were so many supporters we could barely find a seat. As the players approached the field, you could hear the cheers of the fans getting louder and louder. Each fan had picked out their "favorite" player, and would scream their name with encouragement. Throughout the game the players would look into the crowd and smile or wave. When the ball was hit there was no shortness of team work as they would ALL run to catch the ball, sometimes causing dog piles in the middle of the field!
As each player would stand up to bat, they would wait for their "perfect" pitch, after they hit the ball they would throw the bat, and always took time to wave to the crowd,with a proud smile on their face as if to say "did you see what I just did?" and then take off for whatever base was closest. It was by far the best, most exciting game I have ever seen! I am also very much IN LOVE with the best,and cutest player on the team. Oh, Did I mention Nolan is playing T-ball this year. Yes, He plays for the Yankees!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

I can vouch. He's the cutest Yankee.