Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tri Maniac

I have one week to go until this triathlon.YIKES! I am not ready for it, I just want it to be over so I can have this Triathlete title. Total pride,yes I know, but I don't see you signing up for a triathlon?! so what? I have run 2mls and biked 8 mls today, my butt hurts in places I didn't know were on my butt! So I think that is why I have been a little grumpy. I did get a new suit so I will look good doing this thing. I will be taking my friend who will take pictures so that I have proof and a picture for this blog !. Anyway, I must be a glutton for punishment,it seems I just signed up for a tri-series this summer-UGH! What was I thinking? I wasn't. I got back from a great workout and was motivated or my mind manipulated me into signing up for another one! This is a list of the only things I am sure of for my triathlon
1. I will not drown(they have noodles)
2.I will not be eaten by gator or have amoeba enter my body through nose(they got rid of gators and water too cold for anything that small to live in)
3.I will not lose(they have designated loser!)
4.I will look good(new outfit)
5.I will finish(no other option if I want to get back into car to go home)
6.I will be an example to my children, that once you start something no matter how ugly you have to finish.
7. This defiantly goes into my legacy chapter of my life.
8. I will fit into my skinny jeans for at least another month!
9.I can find humor in anything, especially when it comes to laughing at myself!
Now, I need to go bike, run and swim-have fun sitting on your couch, did I tell you ,you suck!

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jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

i'm so jealous of you!! i wish i could do something like that!!!!! one day they'll find a cure for asthma. then i can breathe and live through extended physical activities! maybe i'll even be able to do a tiathlon with you! that would be AWESOME.