Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Blogversary!

Today markes my one year blogversary! Last year I decided to start a blog so that I would have a place to write my own thoughts, ideas, or just plain vent! (if you get a chance you can read that first article again). It has been a great experience.
I have learned new things about myself and I have found a creative side that I never knew I had in me.
This blog has brought me much joy, and at times much stress! I have met new virtual friends, have been supported by my old friends and family.and through it all I have discovered that near or far, we all have more in common with each other, than we care to admit.
I have loved getting comments, advice and sometimes even heckles from my readers. I have pissed you all off, made you all laugh, cry, and hopefully think.
I have learned that words,when used as a weapon, often hurt worse than a physical blow. With one word , you can destroy someones faith, or their reputation. And yet, the use of one simple word can bring encouragement, joy, and hope. I have also found out how dangerous our words can become, and than later be used against us, or thrown back up in our faces.
In this last year I have increased my vocabulary, and improved on my spelling, but the most important thing I have learned this last year, is that I am more than a mother or wife, I am a woman who has something to say, and there are a few crazy people who actually want to listen! Thanks to all my readers out there, for reading my words, I promise to try and use them wisely!


Anonymous said...

Happy one year! Love your stuff!Love you. ME!

The Pilot's Wife said...

I love you too, honey. You are my biggest fan, and at times I was gonna give this blog up, you tell me write something new already!

Ann said...

Blog on girl, blog on......Happy Bloggin Anniversary!!

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

Yeah! Keep it coming! I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! (and you, obviously...)