Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look who's Walking

My baby has just turned 1 years old, and is walking all over the place. I love to watch him, waddle from room to room. It was really sudden, actually. He started one evening a few steps, and then by morning he was running! It was that fast. He is my earliest walker too, as Regan was 14 months and Nolan didn't walk until a whopping 15 months!. But, Liam has two older siblings he is trying to keep up with.
As I watch his little feet patter across the floor,I can't help but wonder where they will take him. He has learned to squat balance, catch himself, and if he falls,(as he often does) he pops back up and moves forward again, without too much squawking!
I watch as he uses his tip toes to reach for things just out of his grasp, and listen to his squeals of frustration when things are just out of reach. I usually stay pretty close by, so that I may grab him quickly if he begins to fall, or pick him up when he stumbles. I am his encourager, cheerleader and lots of time his comforter.
He feels safe to know that I am near, however, he likes his independence, and enjoys making his own decisions. I love those baby feet, I love to kiss them,and tickle them.
Watching him walk,I fantasize about where he will be in 2 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs, 30 yrs.. I wonder which path he will choose to walk. I wonder where his tiny little feet will take him. I dream about those feet,that can barely walk, running his first race,barreling down a basketball court or sliding into first base. Walking down an aisle to receive his high school diploma, a college diploma and doctorate!.And finally marching down the aisle to his beautiful bride.
Yes, my baby is walking, and his life has limitless possibilities,I can not wait to see where he walks, and can only pray, that wherever he goes, he knows that I will always be near, ready to stop a fall, or pick him him, and that no matter where life takes him,that those precious little feet always bring him back home.

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Victoria Laktash said...

Yea for Liam! I can't wait to see and hold him! He looks so much like Nolan, but so much like Dad too! I love you all!