Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Name, Same Me.. well sort of...

Same author, new blog title, with updated look. It was time for me to start blogging again, however, when I went to find my blog, so much had changed. It took me a good few hours to figure out my passwords and usernames, change my look and descriptions. I had taken a long break from my blog,since the birth of my now three yr old son. Now,that my life is more like controlled chaos,I decided even though I have no time to blog.. I will make time. Its like coming back to an old friend. One who I was nervous about contacting again after such a long absence,but now that I have come back,feels very familiar.As I am typing this, I am helping my 10 year old figure out the adverbs in a sentence, and my three yr old is standing right next to me screaming at the top of his lungs that he needs me, and my 15 yr old has been banished to clean her room because I could no longer see the floor or the bottom of the dresser. Where is the captain,you ask? On a trip to New Orleans, for the last 5 days,with his partner, while I am flying solo.
 So not much has changed, except me. I am older, wiser, more content with all that life keeps throwing at me! I have found peace with who I am(a pilots wife,a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt,and a friend),what I am(a believer, an athlete, an adventurer,and an entrepreneur) and where I am(at home,the gym,work). Life is good, I can't complain,whine,or criticize,oh but I'm sure I will,I mean what's a blog for anyway!

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