Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fear Factor

     In two weeks the Captain and I, along with a few friends, will be competing in a little race known as the"tough mudder!" Its a 13 mile run, with over 26 obstacles along the way,such as: ice bath, fire pits, mud crawls, wall climbs, and even electrocution at the end, in order to receive an orange tough mudder head band, a beer card, a shirt and bragging rights.
    Actually, we have been having a blast with the training, holding each other accountable on the days the Captain is out of town. Encouraging each other when one of us wants to give up. Pushing one another to stay the course, and reminding each other our end goal. This has been a huge marriage builder. I know that throughout this race, we can not finish with out each other, there is no possible way. We need each other to pull  through  the course, to lift one another up, to crawl and even comfort each other through the pain. The course is designed to push you to your limits,face all your fears, and realize your potential along the way.
     Why would I put myself through something so rigorous, strenuous, and dangerous? I think for me its about the challenge. Its about facing my fears and knowing that not only am I stronger than I think, I am more capable than I imagine. I won't let my fears hold me back, and put limits on my possibilities.I would rather know that I tried and failed, then sit on the sidelines. I have never been one to see the world with limits, not even my own. I tend to jump in feet first, then figure out the" how" later. We all have fears, but we must reach past them, if we ever want to see our full potential. Every time, we go out of our comfort zone, we grow more confident,stronger and become the person we are called to be. When you  put yourself in situations, that you cannot control, it allows you to lean on the ONE who is in control of everything.
 Here is what I have learned about myself through racing.
1.I get out of it what I put into it.
2 My mind is my biggest asset.
3 When I finish my race, I am not the same woman who started the race.
4.I will feel fear, but I will do it anyway.
5.What if..I can?
6.I will finish my race
7.I am a competitor
8.praying while running is better than an ipod
9.I am stronger than I thought
10.I am worth every ounce of sweat,and every mile I pass
     So on May 19th, when the Captain and I race together for the first time, I am going to enjoy being a team on the race course,powering through the most difficult obstacles together,gaining strength from one another,drawing encouragement from each other, and finishing our race as one.


emin said...

Great Blog !!

Suzanne Shumaker said...

I like the way you took your unique experience and applied to your self-knowledge.

janet said...

ive only done a couple of 5ks but no mud runs before. i'd only ever heard of them a few months ago. but they seem like a LOT of fun!! funner than those zombie runs even. i never thought about prayer while running but i'm sure it helps a LOT!