Sunday, March 1, 2009


I love going away with my tri-chick girls for the weekend! I always come back rested, renewed and rejuvenated. Every time we go we learn more about each other and we learn more about ourselves by the conversations that take place. We spend time running, eating, laughing, and lots and lots of talking. We get "real".
My tri-girls have really changed my life. We started out by participating in a bible study, and then training together for a triathlon , and now we share our lives.
On the last day, I felt ready to come home, I felt like I didn't want it to end and yet I am already anticipating the next time!
When I got home and walked through the door I was greeted with a very excited welcome! Regan and Nolan were jumping up and down, screaming my name, both wanting kisses and hugs. The dogs were even running back and forth! (this must be how Bob feels when he comes home from a trip), it is a great feeling! Bob had cleaned the whole house, and Uhmm... wanted to get the kids to bed early:)
As a pilots' wife, I tend to forget the importance of going away with friends, or myself alone. I am so busy running a house, homeschooling, and taking care of everyone except myself.
I think is is also a good reminder to everyone in the house how important my job is at home, not just for my family to appreciate what it is I do, but most importantly for me to appreciate what I do. I can get so caught up in being a stay at home mom, that I forget to pat myself on the back once in awhile, and say good job. I don't think this is isolated to just stay at home moms, I think working mother's probably feel the same way. As women we get caught up in the multi-tasking of life, and forget how essential we are to our families, and let's face it, they forget too. So every once in awhile we need to remind not just them, but ourselves.
When I walked into my house Sunday night, I knew by my families faces that they were thrilled not only to have me home, but exhausted by getting a taste of what I do for them. For the record, I absolutely love being a home school, stay at home, pilots' wife, just once it awhile I like to make sure they now how good they got it!


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