Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tables have turned

I am getting packed up to go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends! I am so excited, that every few months we go to the beach and relax with no schedule. I am lucky enough to have a good friend that owns a condo right on the beach!
Bob will be staying home with the kiddies, and holding down the fort. I think this is great for him to do this once in awhile so that he remembers to appreciate the things I do around here. This weekend is going to be extra sweet too, because here is Bob's schedule for the weekend:
2 baseball games on Sat. morning
2 basketball games Sat. afternoon
1 birthday party Sat. night
and one trip to the doctors this afternoon for a sick kid with strep throat!
my weekend plans:
sleep in
stay up late
lounge by the beach all day
chi chat with my girlfriends all weekend long
come home Sunday night, after the kiddies are asleep
OH, how the tables have turned :)


Nicole said...

You deserve it! Have a great time!

Cpt. J's Wife said...

Hope that you have an amazing time! You deserve it =)

Elsja said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. Hope you are enjoying it :)

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO! Walk a day in each others shoes... Hope you have fun!

The Chapins said...

and YOU deserve it. : ) LOVE YOU.