Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Nolan!

At 6:45 am on February 4, 2003 my little boy was born. I remember the day like yesterday. He came out butt first and as soon as they turned him around, he peed right into the doctor's face! (And you can bet this is one of his favorite stories!) The doctor says,"Yep, it's a boy alright!"

And our lives have never been the same!

Happy 6th Birthday Nolan! We love you and are so happy that we were chosen to be your parents.


Anonymous said...

Nolan I can not believe you are six. You still have not gotten your six year birthday spankings. I am going to give you six extra from me. They are your birthday presents from me.I love you nolan and you are the best brother in the world P.S its easy to be a great little brother when you have such a great big sister!
love your big sister,

Anonymous said...

Happy BIG 6TH B-day boy! You can barrow daddy's razor to shave those wiskers off! By the way I need you to carry me I'm getting tired and my legs ar broken! LOVE YOU BOY ! DADDY.

Victoria said...

Happy Birthday Fartiehead Buttface!! I love you, Nolan! Love Aunt Vikki, Uncle George, and your cousins, Kendra and Kolby!!

The Chapins said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE COUSIN!! : ) I can't believe you are 6! You're growing up so fast! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Teryn (and Chad and your new baby girl cousin!)

St. of Words said...

happy late birthday fartyhead!!! sorry late. i dont get on here much.