Thursday, February 12, 2009

Would you like some cheese with that whine!

I feel really selfish writing this today. Probably because, with all that is wrong in this world, and knowing that other people have their own stuff going on, it seems a little unimportant, except for the fact that its important to me.
I guess today I just need some of my pilot wives to cheer me up, because I am feeling alone here. You know the scenario, Hubby going out of town, to a beautiful beach resort in the Grenadine Islands, called Canuan. Staying at a beach front all inclusive resort, without me:(
I am not usually bothered by this, being I am pretty busy at home, but for some reason I am feeling a lot sorry for myself this time. Mostly, its not the trust thing I never lose sleep over that, its the left out AGAIN, feeling. The he is going to yet another exotic place, with his work husband to celebrate MY VALENTINE'S Day! While I stay home and take care of everything, so he can sit on another beach and become engaged in a new novel, while ordering umbrella drinks!(I sound a little bitter, now don't I).I told you this is my whiny, pilots wife, self destructive behavior. But its my blog and I'll whine if I want too!ha ha .
But, once in awhile , it really bugs me. Then I feel guilty that it bugs me!
At a time when I should just be thanking my lucky stars he has a job, because I know there are many pilots out there unemployed, I should not be feeling like this. Logically in my head I know this, but I still can't help my feelings. I was hoping to get feed back from any other pilot wives , to know if any one else sometimes struggles with this? I hope I am not the only one, although I don't wish for any of you to feel this way, but if I am than I am the most self-cenetered, selfish, self-destructive pilot wife out there!


Anonymous said...

Love you even if you are all that! LOVE YOU ME!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry you'll be alone, and he'll be doing exactly what you wish you were doing. I feel very fortunate that I'll be with my husband this weekend (on a quick getaway trip, no less) but I've been there when he's been sightseeing cities I've only dreamed of visiting. And I've been there when you've felt alone on special days because he was working or training or en route. I feel for you.

The Pilot's Wife said...

Thanks for the comment,. And I am so happy that you get to spend your holiday with your hubby! That is awesome, I love when that works out.But, it sure does feel good when I know some one else sometimes feels the same, it just makes it easier to swallow!

Anonymous said...

sus !!!!I will be calling you on Saturday to hvae coffee so cheer your ass up.Remember what I told you last time.Take the kids and sllep in the car one night and then you will be thankful he is flying and getting a paycheck in this economy."I looked up the weather and it's going to rain on his head all weekend.I love you brother Rob.

The Pilot's Wife said...

have I told you lately, YOU ARE THE BEST BIG BROTHER EVER!!!!I love you , thanks for making me smile.

Hour Glass said...

Hey girl,
I 've been a pilot's wife like forever.... so I know exactly how you feel. I hate feeling sorry for myself especially those times when I really need him next to me but that's just the way it is.
I am fiercely independent and even for someone like me.. it can be difficult.
Whenever I have problems with the kids or the aircon won't work, it gets on my nerves cos I just have to deal with it on my own.
I try not to call him cos time difference etc can be an issue so I sms him and sometimes it took him hours especially when he's in the air to get back to me.. I would be fuming and by the time he replied.. the fumes are gone..haha
Ah well...