Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend news

three things that happened to me this weekend and two things I learned.

1.On Valentine's day, I went shopping and actually found a bathing suit, and two great bra's(happy v-day to me, because this almost never happens plus I hate shopping!)
2.My daughter, for no reason, said "Mommy, you are amazing." and just when I was getting puffed up, she said "but its easy to be amazing when you have two great kids!", and she is absolutley right! with both statements!
3.My husband via aim, took my breathe away.. again. Me: Out of all the places you have been , is there one place that is really amazing and you love to go to? Bob: yes. Me: where? Bob: Home

4. Do not color your own hair, then go to the gym and really sweat,you will have it running down your face! that was embarrassing.
5.Prayer works, it rained all weekend in Canouan:) that's mean, I know, but it works.


Hour Glass said...

Praying for rain!!! LOL! That's hilarious!
My hubby left for a 3 day fishing trip this morning and I was rather .... not completely happy abt it but I know that he's been meaning to do this with his mates for some I smiled and tell him to have a good time. He just got back from Zurich yesterday and now he's gone again!
I wonder if being an understanding wife is really worth it cos I was miserable the whole day. :(

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! FUNNY! I love reading your little comments about the rain, as I think that way too!