Sunday, November 1, 2009

Half empty or Half Full

Complaints you should never admit to a Pilots' wife: These are real women who may never talk to me again.Or maybe they will look at their life a little different:)

1. Your husband comes home from work at 630pm every night instead of 530pm- At least your husband is home every night!
2.Your husbands' ANNUAL business trip, where he may have fun without you-My husband lives on vacation. Yours is once a year, get over it.
3.Your husband wants to watch football or go out with his friends-my husband has a work husband who he is with 22 days a month.
4.Your husband doesn't help with the kids- I am a single parent more than half the month.
5.Your husband doesn't take out the garbage,clean the house, drive the kids to practice-My husband isn't here when the garbage goes out,my husband isn't home long enough for me to clean after him, and carpooling to practice works.
6.Your husband didn't give you what you wanted on your birthday, anniversary,etc.-My husband isn't home on my birthday, anniversary etc.
7.Your husband works all the time- my husband is gone all the time
8.You cant get in touch with your husband while he is working at the office- I cant get in touch with my husband while is is sitting at the beach in some island
9.Your husband has to cancel plans once in awhile- I cant even make plans, because they will inevitable change.
10.You have to go to a party alone- I go to dinner, movies, and couples gatherings solo.

Get my point? Don't complain to me about your husbands.. I will ALWAYS top you. The difference is perspective. I choose to look at the positive in my marriage, my husband and my life. Its not perfect, but it's mine. Even with all the craziness that comes from being married to a pilot, I would never have it any other way. Being married to a pilot is never dull.It's hard work, exciting, exhausting, thrilling,lonely,the most fun I have ever had, but its never boring!Here are a few ways I look at my situations when it gets tough.

1. My husband can be gone ALOT- but when he is home... FIREWORKS!
2. My husband misses many occasions-but when he is home....I am his TOP priority.
3. My husband can go out anytime with his buddies... but when he is home.. he chooses ME.
4. My husband misses activities the kids are in.. but when he is home.. he transports to every game and practice, stays off his cell and watches every minute of it.
5.My husband may not be home every night at 630... But when he is home... he is home ALL DAY.
6.My husband may live on ANNUAL business trips...but home is his favorite vacation spot.
7.My husband may have to cancel our plans... but when he is home he makes new ones, better ones.
Being married to a pilot is a unique lifestyle choice,but for most of us it was a choice we freely chose. We could find lots of things to complain about, and I guarantee our friends would support every single one of them! But, being married to a pilot, builds something inside of you,it becomes a part of you.Its no longer his career, it becomes yours as well. Its so hard to explain the partnership that takes place.The ties that bind you together with your pilot, from the life experiences that you have, that few will only ever partake. You have to look at your marriage differently, you can't take things for granted. This lifestyle builds a strong marriage, it strengthens your character. Like no other career, I know of, this one allows you to live, as an individual, but also as a couple. And their is fulfillment in never losing yourself to someone else, even the man of your dreams.
You don't have the time to fight, or sweat the small stuff, because you only have time to enjoy the now, when he is with you. My marriage keeps my life in perspective, that life is too short,that marriage is hard work(no matter the career),and that at the end of the day, at the end of this career, I want to be sitting on the beach next to my husband, no regrets, with our memories of our life together.


Anonymous said...

Well said..I love it and so true of many professions your husband may be in. At the end of the day, you're a team and that's all that counts.

Nicole said...

Amen sister! I have to hold my tongue so many times when I hear my friends complain about their husbands' schedules. Right now my hubby is commuting and I'm lucky to see him 3 times a month. It's tough, but you deal with it...and people are suprised when I say that I really can cope going 2 weeks without seeing him. Of course I don't PREFER it, but it makes the reunions all the more sweeter.

Anonymous said...

well said :)

Cpt. J's Wife said...

Love it.

Flying High said...

Beautifully written, and very very true! I do love upbeat stuff about our lives! All this complaining gets you down, doesn't it, and what's the point?!

Megan said...

Love it!! Well done! I am going to print it out and post it on my fridge ;) Thanks!