Sunday, November 29, 2009

Checking off my list

Both of my children have sent off their letter's to Santa, and I have discovered my new favorite way to shop.. Its called Amazon. I have never been one to use the Internet to shop, I have always loved to go to the stores and pick out the toys, and presents, but this year I am pulling the pregnancy card! With a husband gone for the next three weeks, I deserve to!
I have ordered and already shipped out of towners presents, with a click of a button.. I have ordered most of the kids presents and they should be here next week..wrapped! All for free shipping, and no impulse buying on my way out of the checkout line.
I am almost done with Christmas shopping from the comfort of my bed,no lines, no rude people, no extra money spent, no wrapping until midnight on Christmas Eve, and I swear I have saved lots of money in the process!
How come no one told me about this before , pregnant or not, I am convinced this is the way to go. I still want to go out to the malls and watch the people scrounge around trying to find gifts, but now I can just sit and relax and enjoy my hot Carmel apple spice latte. I only have one more stop to make, Publix, they have gift cards for every place in town.. It seems strange to be done shopping this early, I hope the mail isn't late.


Runblondie26 said...

Isn't online shopping the best?!

I only wish we had Peapod grocery service here in Atlanta and I'd be all set.

-SPW said...

This is simply brilliant! I will have to remember this! lol, I just never thought to do it that way!