Monday, April 13, 2009

Man's Best Friend

A few weeks ago, we lost an important member of our family, our very loyal, Great Pyrenes, dog of fourteen years, Ramsey. Bob and I got Ramsey 6 months after we were married! We hand picked him out of a liter of 8, and they places a red ribbon around his neck until he was ready to come home. He was born an hour and a half away, and every weekend before his 8 weeks, Bob and I would take the drive out to visit our "baby", just like all good parents.
Ramsey was one of those dogs that was furry, cute all white snow ball, but very shortly he grew to be 110pounds and standing on his hind legs, was taller than Bob!
I rememeber when three years later when we brought Regan home from the hospital, how he looked at her, and then back at us like, what is that? Whenever she cried, he would be so anxious, and come running to us, to get her and see what was wrong. She had a "big brother". Regan could pull, push, tug at Ramsey and he would take it. She would read to him, and he would listen, she would be sick, and he would sit by her bed. Five years later, when we brought Nolan home, I think he thought "are you kidding me?" "Another one!". But he was just as faithful and patient with him.
Now eleven years later when we brought Wally home, he was not as happy! But, in true Ramsey fashion he adjusted, and he would play with Wally even though he was getting old, and tired.
Ramsey was very rare. Even my non-dog friends all loved him. Every one at the vet loved him, (they never put him in a kennel), our mail man loved him. He was kind hearted and loving. He would be happy if you took him for a walk, patted him on the head, and in his later years just let him sleep all day. People who are not animal people do not understand, how much a part of our life he was. He was part of our identity, part of our family. We loved him.On his last day, he just wanted to be around us,to give us comfort while he was the one in pain. We will never forget our Ramsey he taught us so much about ourselves, and life. At the end of Marley and Me it sums it up, Dogs don't care how big your house is, what you look like, what car you drive, they care about you, the person, the one who feeds them, loves them, and plays with them. They love you unconditionally, and unselfishly. Ramsey had a great life, and he gave us a great life and lots of Joy. Ramsey you will be truley missed, you already are.
July 1995-March 2009


Cpt. J's Wife said...

My puppy turned 11 this year. He has such a special place in my heart.. I dread the day he crosses over rainbow bridge. Hugs to you and your family =)

Victoria's Secrets said...

Good bye Ramsey. I'm going to miss you humping my back every time I'd visit. Sleep well, good dog.

Anonymous said...

:( Sorry, that's so sad x

Anonymous said...

Brenda rent Marley and me you will love it you might want to wait a month or two.Goodbye Ramsey you were such a great dog and had a longggggggggg life.Safe travels ramsey.