Friday, June 6, 2008

Cup of Joe

Bob and I were hanging out in our favorite bookstore,Borders tonight. We got there in time to hear some live music and participate in a coffee taste test. Who knew? Books stores have come a long way!
After the taste test,I went up to get two cups of Joe,(yes,I cheated on DD,the guilt is killing me!). Borders recently went from selling Barnie's' coffee to Seattle's Best. I go up and placed my order with the coffee connoisseur wait person(I think this is politically correct)I say "your coffee is strong for me so I need something mild." He looks at me, "most people don't think its that much stronger than Starbucks." I say "well,I am a Dunkin Doughnut die hard,so to me it is." He says "no problem, dude, I'll just add some vanilla flavoring to sweeten it up,check it." He than proceeds to pour gobs of vanilla flavoring in my coffee. He goes to get Bob's next. "Oh, yeah I almost forgot the vanilla." I said "no, not in that one.My husband is a die hard Starbucks drinker, he'll like it." He stares at me,shakes his head smiling,"Dude, like a die hard Dunkin Doughnut drinker married a die hard Starbucks drinker, dude if you guys have babies than they'll be Seattle's Best!" Now I stare at him, I let out a huge laugh,I mean I snorted, this guy was serious.He had this big goofy grin on his face, in dire need of a good haircut, little black glasses,a goatee, and glazed over eyes. I think he had been sneaking the coffee beans out back and eating them! Anyway, coffee sucked, but whatever...DUDE.


Mary Anne said...

Dude, come to my house and I'll make you some yummy Maxwell House...Dude!

St. of Words said...

dude, that was rocking. he sounds like a friend of mine with the way you described him.