Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hero to Zero

I went to the gym today with Bob,alone. We left the kids at the grandparents, so we could work our leisurely and than hang by the pool for awhile, without interruptions.Glorious!! Love grandparents:)
During the early afternoon the pool is filled with swim lessons,and kid camps, so there were many children at the pool, but none of them mine! So I was enjoying my freedom, reading a magazine, when I hear these three kids, start screaming, "daddy, daddy" and they are jumping up and down running towards their father who had just arrived. He was a big tall man, dressed in a three piece suit(yes, some people still wear suits,who knew?)He didn't seem to mind that his kids were getting him soaked, from the knees down. I was watching and smiling thinking to myself, there is nothing sexier than a great dad, taking time out of his lunch to see how his kids swim lessons are going,it was special.
AND then, as he is walking toward the spot where his beautiful wife was, I catch him checking out the fifteen year old laying a few chairs from me! He went from sexy dad hero to Zero! Gross... I shook my head and was a little dissapointed in him.
Well, Maybe he was checking her out to see if she was getting too hot,or maybe he was just concerned that she needed to apply more sunscreen? I mean she did have alot of her skin exposed. So maybe he was just being a "concerned citizen",yeah right, maybe!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

There's nothing more nauseating than a grown man checking out a teenager or a woman young enough to be his daughter! Gross. Disgusting. Pathetic. Illegal? Hero to Zero! That's a good one!