Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wonder Works

Okay, so we had Regan's birthday party 3 months late, the cake fell sideways and we had to kind of mash it in place, and at the last minute three little girls could not come:( but,we still had the best birthday party,ever! And as a mom I got one of the biggest compliments that we all want at the end of the party from the other mom's. They said, "you always have the best parties and think of the best places to have them!" score.. this is like the ultimate compliment that every mother planning a birthday party for their kid wants.
Yes, we want the kids to have fun, we want them to feel special, we want them to enjoy being with their friends, but honestly, we moms want the accolades, I mean every year you have to think of something new, something different,and something no one has done that year, and if your really lucky, something that has not been done in the previous years.
Hey,I am competing with kids whose parents can and have closed down a
go-cart/fun park in "O"town. (yes, that was two yrs ago when they were 8!).Gone are the days of backyard parties,playing pin the tail on the donkey, neighborhood parties are unacceptable. If you do this, than you will have just committed "social suicide" for your kid. You must have themed parties, pony rides,limo rides,spa days, concerts. So when The other mothers said that to me, I have to admit I literally started glowing, I wanted to hug myself, pat myself on the back. Yippee,I have made it through another birthday party celebration! and here is the cost:
Birthday cake $30.00
Invitations $10.00
Thank you cards $10.00
Goody Bags $55.00
Candles $3.00
Cost of Wonder works w/laser tag $187

Accolades from the other moms: Priceless

You see you can still have an affordable birthday party, something unique!Until next year when I may have to rent out Disney World!! right


Victoria's Secrets said...

I want to know one thing. What in the hell is that hand poking at?

Victoria's Secrets said...

You really are becoming an amazing writer. And, you give great birthday parties too!

D's Mom said...

You are a very cool mom!