Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kids say the darndest thing part 3

Thursday night as we were doing our night time ritual, the kids started singing and screaming "dance mommy", so right there is Regan's room, I started doing the moon walk(okay so this is aging me!) and they were like"what's that?" so I told them "back in my day, this was called the Moonwalk, and it was really popular"! Fast Forward to last night. I am laying with Regan in her bed and Nolan walks in laughing and smiling,hint:he is up to something. He says "Mommy here's my moon walk" Regan and I watch as he turns around,his bare butt sticking out and he parades around the room dancing backwards so we can stare at his butt!!! We all laughed until we were crying!!

Tuesday night, Bob,Nolan and I were laying in our bed tickling each other. Nolan made a reference to them (daddy and him) being he's. I said "how do you know daddy's a he"? he said "because he told me!" so I said, using that old cliche I swore I would never do, but we become parents and we do. "So if I tell you I'm a cow,you gonna just believe me?" I saw him thinking for a second, and so I was in anticipation of some scientific answer, and he said"of course not Mommy, cows don't talk"!!!!

That is one funny kid!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! You can MOONWALK!?!?!

I thought people that could really moonwalk were just an urban myth!