Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Three's a Crowd

I found myself in the shower today with three naked guys! No I have NEVER done this before, not even in my wildest days in college:) swear. But,today was a first for me. I tripped over one guy as I got in, "uh,sorry". He stared at me and said nothing. I started to wash my hair,I could feel all three of them staring at me with their piercing blue eyes. Every where I turned, I felt like their eyes were following me, all of them just staring at me with a dumb smile stuck on their faces. I noticed they each had a different color hair, but the same demeanor. I peeked through one eye as I began washing my hair,trying to catch a quick glimpse. They were still staring, not saying one word. They had a chiseled chest, sporting a six pack on their abs,arrogance at its worst. I didn't know their names, but could only guess.
As I was getting ready to rinse my hair, I see this hand grab a hold of the shower curtain, and fling it back forcibly, I let out a squeal and try to cover myself. Regan laughs at me, "Its only me mommy,", not even giving me a second glance. I watch her eyes darting back and forth, searching for something. She says to herself, "I knew I left you guys in here!", and she reaches for the three Ken barbie's that had been sharing the shower with me. In one scoop she picked them off the ledge. She turns, and runs away carrying them, leaving me alone once again.
Later, I tell Bob, "Honey, I just took a shower with three guys!" Bob says without flinching, "Me too!".


jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

hahahahahah you are too clever!
you tricked me!!!!!

Victoria's Secrets said...

You got me. I was starting to get worried about you. First the guy at the pool and now this! Jeez!

Anonymous said...

Lol! Loved that entry!