Monday, June 9, 2008


I really love to go to my gym. It is a family friendly gym where I think as soon as I walk in the door someone is going to belt out the "Cheers" theme song! A place where I can spend all day, participating in all the activities my gym offers.However, I do have a few,things that I wish I could change.For example......

1. You don't have to match from head to toe when you are going to the gym.It is not a fashion show people,you really can get the same great workout with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.
2.You don't have to wear make up and style your hair perfectly when you are going to the gym. You are there to sweat.
3. This is not an after work happy hour lounge,if you want to pick someone up, go to a bar, not my gym.
4.when I am on the treadmill and there are 25 open ones, why do you insist on picking the one right next to me? you must think you look better than me, you don't.LOL.
5.wear deodorant.even though Julia Roberts and Mathew McConnehey don't think they need to wear it, you are not them, not even close, so put some on. You stink.
6.After you have used the treadmill or stair climber and you have sweated your non-deodorant stink on it, use the damn cleaner to wipe it off! I don't want to touch the machine after you, or use my time to clean up after you.
7.Because my gym is like going to a WP school reunion, please just come by and wave, I don't like to carry on a full conversation during my workout,plus I don't know where the hell "Bobby" is!?
8 Please put a towel around you in the locker room. I don't want to see your boobies or your a**, especially if it looks better than mine or you are over 70 yrs old, now that really scares me, to think that no matter how hard I work out that is what is going to happen to them.
9.which leads me to, do not blow dry your hair naked,do not get in the hot tub naked or the steam room, GROSS.
10. Men, I don't care how good you think you look, if you are over 40yrs old, do not ever wear a speedo,nut huggers,banana slings, whatever there called, honey that ship has sailed and sunk like the titanic!


mandatalksalot said...

Im with you about the women who hang out naked for the sake of it, but the steam room and hot tub? thats why they put them IN the locker room....because you are SUPPOSED to be naked. Just my two cents

The Pilot's Wife said...

love it. I have never tried to get in naked always wear my suit. Maybe I look like the prude/Will get courage to throw off towel and walk in and let everyone knows what happens:)

Victoria's Secrets said...

Jeez. Are you getting funnier or am I just bored?! I LOVE this one! So true, so true. How about the chick who was making her grilled cheese in the sauna post-workout? Or the guy's that weighed themselves in the nude? Problem was, the scale was outside of the locker room!

D's Mom said...

Oh my, what a visual I now have of old stinky men wearing a "banana sling" running on a treadmill trying to rap to you! lol no wonder you like you gym so much! HAHA

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

EW! I know! It's so dumb when girls wear makeup and straighten their hair just to put it up in a ponytail anyway. It makes no sense!!!!!!! I wish I lived there so I could go to the gym with you!

Anonymous said...

Its a gymbo's gym!!!