Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This week is the anniversary week of my father's death. I have joined the "club of losing a parent. One that you wish to never become a part of, a club that you wish you could be forever "excluded" from- But unfortunately none of us are.We will all become members at one time or another, I just never thought my membership would be so early.
My dad was an amazing man. He was brilliant, he loved to read and do the New York Times crossword puzzles every morning! He loved words. He was a romantic. he taught us early on that life is all about relationships, that money is not real, and that knowledge is power. If you were lucky enough to learn this early in life, than your life would be filled with joy and happiness. He was the forever optimist! He always looked at the glass half full. He was full of energy, you knew when you spent a day with dad you would never be bored sitting around. I remember one time visiting him in Chicago, he wanted to know which restaurant really did serve the "best" hamburger, so we spent the whole day traveling around the city taking one bite of about 20 hamburgers, and rating each one to decide.I think he also had a drink at each joint, and with my dad that could have been the whole purpose of the venture! My dad was the epitome of life. He had few regrets, while other people wish they could, he did. When my dad walked into the room the energy increased, he was that kind of person. You were just drawn to him, he would make you feel good, he was always happy. He knew the secret to life. Live ,love, laugh and I can't forget drink!
My dad was a runner enthusiast. He completed marathons all over the world. Chicago,California,New York,Hawaii, San Fransisco,Orlando,Tampa..and the list continues. He instilled in us the importance of staying fit, keeping active.
I am my father's favorite! or so he always made me believe:) but I know that he had a unique relationship with each of us. I was the "baby",Vik the "daddy's little girl", Robbie the "boy",and Bobbie,the"black sheep"!
My dad was not perfect -I remember the normal father-daughter issues, but when someone is gone you seem to forget the bad stuff and focus on the good that they left behind! Especially because the good stuff always out ways the bad. Thank God.
So this week I wanted to introduce you to him,I want to share a few stories about my memories of my father, this is the way he will continue to live forever in my heart. His Legacy.

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Victoria's Secrets said...

Ah, the memories of Dad! There are so many! And let's not forget, you were his "little piggy". I miss Dad so much. I always will. I'm thankful that we have eachother to lean on during this week and everyday after. And about this new club we belong to? It's one that I wish we'd never been initiated in. I love you, Vik