Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Homeschooling 101

I had three mom's from Regan's old school want to meet me last Monday for information on homeschooling. Apparently, after one year of homeschooling, I am an expert, trend setting, homeschooling rebel mom! When I decided to home school last year, I think they all thought I went nuts,and that Regan would be coming to Jr. Girl scouts in dresses made out of my living room drapes! Not the case, my drapes are WAY too expensive!!

Anyway, I was both flattered and excited to share what I have learned during my first year at homeschooling! I showed them the curriculum I used, what worked for me, and what didn't. I showed them my lesson plans and how I kept myself organized.
I told them about the unbridled passion I now have for something I thought I would loathe, and started out only doing for the "mom Badge" that would surely be presented to me at the end of this first and only year!
I encouraged them with all the logistics of homeschooling.I quoted someone who said to me "In order for homeschooling to be successful you must home school and not bring school home!" and after it was all said and done(5hrs later!) all three are planning to commit to homeschooling next year, one has already told the school.
What I couldn't express to them was how much their lives would change. How they will get to know their children better than anyone else. That they will experience emotions that run the gamut,at times extreme joy and other times threatening to call the local school and sign them up immediately the next day!!(empty threats!)it works!
That they will get to watch, first hand, your child who struggles at something finally "get it", and the excitement that shows in your child's eyes , melts your heart with pride! That the growth that will take place within themselves is indescribable, that how I thought I would "teach" Regan so much, but I actually became the "student" this last year.
That learning, not only about who my child is and celebrating how God created her, but that I learned so much about myself and how God created ME. That our family life is no longer passing by on the hamster wheel of life, but that it has slowly become intertwined with each others passions,hopes and dreams.
That my daughter has gained confidence in her ability to do "math" and that its not just for "boys", that she can spend time reading leisurely, cooking in the kitchen, and learning to sew. That sometimes she is "bored",and that's okay! and most importantly that I have decided on what my "legacy" will be to my children, not anyone else.

No, I couldn't describe these things to them, because it will be different for each one. They will make their own memories, they will see their own changes within themselves and their families, it will become their own legacy. AND next year they will each have three friends wanting to know why their life is "different", and they will become the experts on homeschooling!

Regan and I just finished our First year in homeschooling! We are so excited, We did it! Regan is now officially a 5th grader! Way to go Regan, You Rock.


Jody said...

This was my third year of homeschooling and first year of teaching both my boy's. After our first year I felt the same way you do and with each passing year I love it even more. I find things all the time on why we continue with our journey. That first year was hard but as each year has passed it gets more calm and more enjoyable. Yeah there will always be those moments where you threaten to send them to school the next day (LOL like you said empty threats) but they become more few and far between. I am glad you had a good year and got to help other's make that decision! Oh and I wanted to let you know too that I felt the same way as you in the begging sure I wouldn't like homeschooling them. It really is amazing how you expect you will be teaching them when in actuality they are teaching you isn't it? LOL.

The Pilot's Wife said...

Thank you Jody, it is always good to hear about other stories of homeschooling families. Keep checking the blog I am sure there will be many more of these stories in the future!and God bless you, two boys, I will be teaching my son and daughter in one more year!

Victoria's Secrets said...

I can't wait to start homeschooling Kolby next year. I love being with her and I am so thankful you'll be able to help guide me through it! She's been begging me all year to do this and I'm blessed that it looks like I'll have the opportunity to do it. Thanks for leading the way, being my guinea pig and helping me with my learning curb. I love you. Regan, you go girl! Aunt Vikki loves you so much! And I
am so proud of you! See you at the beach!!

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

Regan is so beautiful! :)