Friday, April 25, 2008

In Remembrance Dad 11/26/40-04/25/2005

It has been three years since my Dad's death and it hasn't gotten any easier. I keep waiting for him to call. 'Hey Bren" , I can hear his laugh , I can still smell his cologne. I still miss him. I have days that I think he is not gone. and then I have bad "dad" days. I don't know if it gets any easier, or when. I just miss him.

I wish I would have answered the phone more, told him "I love you" more, listened to his advice, (oh what I wouldn't give for some of dad's advice), laughed with him more, hugged him a little longer the last time I saw him, touch him once more.. one more time.. if only's.. what I wouldn't give... time.. don't waste it, forgive, forget, love,love again, laugh harder, play longer, slow down, Enjoy Life... it is only a brief moment of time. Time.. to have a little more of it, it is never long enough.

I love you Dad, you may be gone but, never forgotten.
My dad in the Chicago Marathon, Dad ran his"race" well! Go Dad!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

What a lesson for all of us, Bren! I wish the same things too. May we never forget what family means. I thought Dad was invincible. Like so many children, we think our parent's will be around forever. Don't we know full well how untrue that is. I miss him. I always will. I'm still waiting for it to get easier. It never has.