Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nail Nazis

I went to Our local grocery store and ran into my nail lady. The one who has been doing my nails for the past 6 months. She is Vietnamese and works at a typical nail salon that you can find on every corner in our state with the same name,Lee Nails. I wonder who this Lee guy is? is it like "Smith" in their country?
Her nail place is in front of my grocery store, so it wasn't a surprise to run into her. She says "Hello", grabs my hands and tells me my nails look bad. "They need fill" ,she tells me. I already know this, I have an appointment in 10 min. with the nail place next to my grocery store. I do not tell her this because I am afraid of her, she was really great until about 2 months ago, and then she started to suck. I had referred many people to her and the word must have gotten around,because she has gotten so busy with regulars, that whenever I go in she would be taking care of three people at once, so never really putting the quality into mine. She would start on mine and then look over her shoulder the whole time not wanting her regulars to go to someone else, so hurried through mine, leaving me with less than desirable nails. Also, for those of you who do not get your nails done, the "nail lady" can become very protective over their customers turning them into "Nail Nazis"!
Now that I had run into her, I was very nervous, because I had to make it to my appointment without her detecting any deception on my part. I did not want her to find out in case I needed to return to her salon if this new nail lady was no good. She would never take me back if she knew I had tried out someone new.
Remember her nail salon is in front, the new one in back. I was really scared. I knew when I would venture into the new one, I would have to wear a disguise, and slink into the store,giving a false name, the whole time hoping the other nail lady did not notice I had switched nail salons, and therefore was "cheating" on her.
After I spoke briefly to her, I acted as if I was going to my car, waited until I saw her walking toward her salon, slipped on baseball cap, and different sunglasses, and bolted like a bat out of hell, praying I reached the door to the new salon before she turned around-Breathing heavy, panting like a dog who had just run after its tail numerous times, I made it to the door, without her turning around!! I quickly helped the door shut behind me. I felt safe. I sat down at chair 2, ( her name,Diane) she said"What is your name", I avoided the question"Where you get your nails done before" quick, I knew I couldn't tell her about the competition salon, afraid of the repercussions (she does use a drill) so I lied, in Oviedo somewhere. She nods convinced. I am safe now. I throw in "The last person did a terrible job" for good measure,nail ladies like this, "I fix for you" ,okay. "you want pedicure too?" no, just the nails. I decided I would wait on this until I knew if she was any good. "Yes, your feet ugly", they are very subtle, "Its fine, I don't want the pedicure". She better be good for this abuse. "Okay,I do for you special" No, just the nails. she stares, I must have convinced her I was not budging on this because she began scrapping, filing, shaping my nails into perfection.
My nails look better than they have ever looked! They look so natural.I love them , I have not been able to stop staring at them, I love this new Nail Lady. I will continue to go to her until the secret gets out about how good she is! I will not be telling anyone about her, I hope to keep her a secret for awhile:) I also think I will get that pedicure next time, since my feet are so ugly!


Victoria's Secrets said...

I can just see you sneaking in the place! You're afraid of a Nail Lady?! Jeez, you're never afraid of me! And, by the way, you do have ugly feet. GET THE PEDICURE! LOL, Just Kidding?

St. of Words said...

i was spying on you yesterday and saw where you went. i have 10 girls and myself going there today, so the secret is out!!! :)