Monday, April 21, 2008

Show Me the Money

Bob had some fancy, schmancy fund raiser to go to this weekend, and guess who decided to ride on his pilot wings and enjoy a few fringe benefits of being a Pilot's Wife? That's right, ME
In the morning, we took a ride in a challenger 300, this was courtesy of Bombardier, it seems when you decide to buy one of their planes for 24 million (I had to spell this-I do not know how many zeros that is!) they take you on a "demo" flight, so that you can "try' out your new plane, before actually taking delivery of it (October)! It rocked!
After this, we had to slum it and proceed to go to this function in the "Old" plane (the Lear 60) Ha ha- It would not be hard for me to get used to traveling this way, especially because the airlines suck, its a hurry up and wait at the airport,the pilots are drunk, and the stewardess.. well lets just say the standards have defiantly been lowered. I'm just kidding, the pilots aren't drunk.
Anyway, I cannot disclose the name of the function that we attended but, I can tell you it is awesome to see millionaires and billionaires (yes that is what I said) help out children who are suffering from illnesses and may have wishes that only this organization can fulfill! I realize now that Bob's career has allowed me, through the years, to experience not only destinations, but functions that only few people get to enjoy;) Although, with this does come the anxiety of what to wear, jewelry, nails, hair etc. I shop at Ross, I have a feeling these people think Ross is still dating Rachel!
I chose my Ross dress special, hey if I would have bought it at the fancy store it would have been a $59.99 dress, being the smart shopper that I am, I purchased this dress for $17.99, did my own hair, had nails done with "Diane", used my knock off NY special Coach purse, and picked up a few choice bobbles at Dillard's! I looked good!
So, this is what happens, I go to the bathroom to primp, and touch up my make-up, before I walk into function. I use new make-up ,check dress, and decide I need a little spray for my hair. I pick up one of the cans, and continue to spray my hair, fix it and spray again. Only to notice that instead of using hairspray, it was deodorant! Yes, it was arm pit juice! So now not only do I have to walk into this thing with my $17.99 Ross dress, my hair smells like armpits! I didn't really know what else to do , except to proceed to the party. I mingled, had a glass of wine, was hit on by a "swinging couple"(another story, but true),and saw some things that just,well no one should have to see,(it is a different world), and do you know I got so many compliments on the "perfume" that I was wearing and "I must tell them who the designer was"!! Okay, I think it was Ban, or was it Secret? There was so many "plastic surgery"victims I thought I was in a mannequin shop! It was like being in an episode of 90210 on Prozac! Okay, so I am sorry if any of my readers are billionaires, their not all bad (my husband's bosses' family-exception!) It was just surreal. But after the drinks flow, and the people let down their guard, you realize they are just like us, only lonelier. But, they were donating to a great cause so I don't want to forget that.
All in all we had a great time. It puts my life into perspective. I know that I will never be rich in their world, I will never be a billionaire or millionaire, but I realize that after being around them for an evening, I am the "wealthiest" person in the world! At home with my hubby and kids , in our minivan, in our "modest" neighborhood, wearing my Ross dress, no, I wouldn't trade my life for all the money in the world, to get into the DuPont registry or to drive a car that is worth twice,who am I kidding, three times my house!

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Victoria's Secrets said...

I 100% agree with you! Money doesn't buy happiness. When you marry for money, you earn it! I'll take my "modest" lifestyle any day over a more "weathly" lifestyle with misery! Maybe we should bottle that "perfume" of yours!