Thursday, April 24, 2008

These Pictures of You!

I was going through pictures yesterday. I found so many of Bob and I pre-marriage and post marriage. Boy, that man must really love me! Let's see, I have had long hair, short hair, short bangs, long bangs, big hair(the perm), flat hair,- I have weighed 185lbs (giving birth to Regan)#1 of my reasons to not do "that" again! the least 110, too skinny.

I wore bell bottoms, skinny jeans, rolled -up jeans, faded jeans, ripped jeans, and overalls! I had no tan, tanning bed tan, and the what I like to call the "what about Mary" tan!

I was a vegetarian, protester, Democrat, liberal, turned conservative, Republican! WOW! and let's not forget I went from a 19 yr old firm, perky breasted girl, to a 37 yr old woman with stretch marks(from kids) to not so "perky" boobs,and if not colored, grey hair!

I am always changing, but what hasn't changed in 18 years, is the way he always looks at me even when I am looking my worst! He has always seen the best part of me, not on the outside, but what is "inside" of me, he has always loved me for who I am. and who I am is because of his unfailing love!

Looking back is always fun to do, our style has changed, our music, our clothes, our waistline:),our cars (bob drove a 280Z, now a minivan!),our politics. Even our love for one another has changed, it has grown to depths unimaginable, it has changed into something stronger,deeper, more passionate.

The past is always fun to look at and reminisce about, even laugh at, but for me, I look forward to our future, our plans, our dreams , our ever-changing love for one another!

Oh, and as for Bob,he looks the exact same to me, I still see him today as that same 22yr.old boy I met 18 years ago at Chi Chi's, when my heart started pounding, my breath caught in my chest, my head started spinning, and I began feeling a little dizzy, and right then at that moment knowing that I would spend the rest of my life with him.

these picture are from Bob and I in May 1991-8 months after we started dating!


Victoria's Secrets said...

Very cute. Bob may look the same to you, but to me? Then again, I'm not the one in love with him! LOL JK, you guys are still adorable!

jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

hahaha yeah the short bangs are groovy! i didn't know you were a protester (what did you protest!) or a vegetarian!!!
i LOVE the picture where you guys have your faces smashed together! haha

the awesome thing is... i can definitely still see you guys doing something like that. i hope i write an entry like this about jon in 18 years! although by then, internet blogging will probably be totally lame. hahaha

The Pilot's Wife said...

what didnt I protest!? anything that needed protesting!LOL