Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Too High

I went to a new park today with the kids. Nolan being the expert at the swing headed straight for them. I find a seat. I suddenly hear"Mommy come push me, its too high!". He can only start the pump if he can touch the ground and give himself a push first. I look over, the swing is way too high:) I delight in this. Not because he can't do it on his own, but because he needs me. I go over happy to oblige him, even if it is only to get him started, just one push.
As I sit back and watch him, I realize that no matter how old my children get, no matter how many things they will learn to do without me, no matter how independent they become in accomplishing their own endeavors, they are always going to need me! There is always going to be that swing that is just too high, a little out of their reach. I realize that just because they are growing up, doesn't mean sometimes they will still need a little push, a help up, a safe place to land. This makes me happy, you see the role I play in their lives will change as they grow, but being their mother, that lasts a lifetime!

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