Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Friend

This is an email from my "new" friend and fellow triathlete! This is Becky, the one in the other articles I told you about! I am so thrilled and amazed how God places people in your lives, when you least expect it. Gail and I went there to complete a race , and we were blessed with a new friend! God is good. I thought I would share some of her email with you. It is just another reminder that every day God give us, there is new opportunity, to meet someone new or do something new and sometimes both! I just love that!
From Becky to Me:
I read your blog and have now both laughed and cried :-) Your articles were wonderful, inspirational, funny, and now I think I may actually want to do another one!
I feel like I have made 2 great new friends. I believe God put us in each others path (well, more like I joined your path) to help us complete that race.
By the way, on a positive note I looked on the results page and we were not actually last. TECHNICALLY, one guy came in after me, but that was pretty much because he didn't finish at all. That must have been the guy who we passed during our walk, and then we never saw him again! :-) Hey, all I know is that there was one name listed after mine on the results page!!
I enjoyed meeting both of you so much

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jumbled up and complicated. very discombobulated. said...

gail looks suuuuuuuper happy in that picture. haha :)