Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unwanted Gift

okay, can someone be mad at you if they get you a present that you told them the week before you didn't want? then they come home really excited about giving you your present and it is the thing you told them you didn't want? and then you try to be happy about it, but can't-then you've made them feel bad and then you feel bad, and well, too bad! so now they are taking it back:)
Bob brought me home a battery extra pack thingy for my camera for our anniversary! Now, it wasn't a "cheap" present by any means$$$ it is just HELLO our 13 yr anniversary! Diamonds,flowers,spa gift certificate?! He was so excited, that I would be able to take 100 million pictures without ever changing the battery...this may sound exciting to some of you, but for me, I don't get it?! I guess it is a really cool camera accessory, and it could be useful.
Unfortuanley, I don't want useful, I want romance! unless it is a 300 lens for the camera, that would be pretty cool, I would LOVE that.(hint if Bob is reading this)-
Well , you gotta love a man for trying, at least I didn't get a toaster or vacuum for Christmas!


St. of Words said...

ok so you have two things going on here. you are saying you want romance, BUT you would be okay with a 300 lens camera. you gotta pick. romance or practical. cause if it's either, then i see bob's gift as really cool only if he had flowers tagged along with it. if you really were begging for romance and told him that, then he needs to make it up to ya...in some way. ;) i love me some uncle bob and i know his heart, so you gotta at least give him a smooch for the attempt. tell him for my birthday he better think twice before buying me a kodak disposable camera...or we'll have some problems. gift cards, spa trip, chocolates...by all means..go right ahead. :)
happy anniversary! i love you both so much and know you will share so many more years together.

The Pilot's Wife said...

okay, so you called me on the carpet! I really am okay with practical, I just want the lens practical! ha ha; I will give him a big smooch -a -roo! he is great!

Victoria's Secrets said...

jeez, you can't help but feel sorry for the men in our lives! They can't win for nothing! Happy Anniversary, I love you guy!